The School of Tribal Tantra exists to support the growth of conscious community held in the Tantric principals that Truth is a living spirit, Power is a right and the gateway to the one absolute: Love.

Beyond the workshops and training programs themselves, the three primary ways this school supports it's mission are: 

  • Ongoing commitment to support it's graduates to share their unique gifts and teachings
  • Outreach to an every wider audience to expand the reach of these healing arts
  • Commitment to an evolving curriculum

Here are some of the programs and initiatives which support these ways in a practical sense:

Ongoing commitment to support it's graduates to share their unique gifts and teachings:

  • A comprehensive facilitator certification program
  • The school offers advanced and specialty level training courses. 
  • A dynamic website where each graduate can create a detailed profile and list their classes and offerings. 
  • Opportunities to assist and learn direct from lead faculty. 
  • A dedicated facebook group where graduates can share their events and meet other tribe members
  • Tribal gatherings where (at cost) graduates may share time in community learning from and inspiring each other
  • Support of a Global Brand and marketing
  • Access to teaching opportunities via Festivals and Urban Schools**

Outreach to an every wider audience to expand the reach of these healing arts

  • Global marketing and social media strategy to affinity groups
  • Tribal Tantra meetups
  • Online courses
  • Virtual training program
  • Tribal Tantra Festivals
  • Dedicating a portion of all proceeds to support founding of Urban Tantra Schools**  

Commitment to an Evolving Curriculum

  • Advanced level certification programs: Massage Practitioner, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Dance & Movement, Circle of Mirrors, Ritual and Ceremony, etc.
  • All graduates have the potential to become a lead facilitator and birth new curriculum on the certification level

** The School of Tribal Tantra sets aside 20% of all profits from it's training programs and asks those leading events with TT branding to offer 5-20% (based on size, scope and attendance) toward the establishment of Urban Schools and a permanent training center(s).

These contributions will benefit all not only in fulfilling our purpose to support the growth of the tantric arts and community more effectively, but also with the practical support of having more desirable work spaces at better prices and a larger audience of tantric students and practitioners as the school will have a visibility which will translate into more traffic at events and ultimately more people called to walk this path.

The vision of establishing schools in cities is the primary way of reaching out to the masses. If Tantra is to reach a yearning world in the way postural yoga has, then we need to make tantra more visible. More accessible. Urban schools with daily programs will fill this need and create more opportunities for those drawn to live and work in tantric community to have jobs outside of the current traveling workshop model.

This fund will also support the establishing of a permanent home, temple, retreat and training center. This will further the mission of creating a range of jobs while also expanding the notoriety for new seekers, but most of all create an energetic foundation which is priceless. One day before so long there will be an ongoing and thriving community of Tribal Tantrics and a temple space where each person around the world who is inspired to walk this path may one day visit and know is there home too.