Full Certification Program

To be a Tribal Tantra Teacher is an incredible commitment to service. This certification program takes places over the course of 12-18 months, however you may take the 3 levels at your own pace. These three steps will prepare you to hold healing and empowerment spaces. This program will leave you ready to lead from a place of connection to your higher self, the distilled passion of your heart, so you may share your gifts clearly from a place of loving authority and ease

Each module is a month long experience of Tantra community and practice in an immersive form. The curriculum evolves to support you on a natural journey from taking personal responsibility in this life as a gateway to power and then from power into ease full connection to your higher self to access your clear aligned path and purpose, then finally to learn and practice the tools and mechanics with which to share that purpose with the world.

Between each module there will be homework, mentoring and support.

We look forward to welcoming you to our teaching circle.



The tantric Way of personal responsibility and power filled love

To hold a Tantric space, be it a class, workshop or private healing session is to hold a space for vulnerability. To hold space for the vulnerable, we need to be in our own power. To be in our power, we need to take fundamental responsibility for our lives. This month we learn and use tantric tools and processes to come into empowered responsibility for our sovereign self, so we may call in the life and love we are yearning for with ease.

During this month we use the Chakra map to trace where our energy moves in ease and where our power is blocked by old woulds and stories. We move through the timeline of our life to cut any cords holding us back and we learn to track and break patterns of our small self. All this while gently reawakening our subtle and sensitive body thorough the core tantric practices. We will also begin to practice space holding and lay the groundwork for sharing our unique gifts with a world yearning to receive. Tools we will learn and use are:

  • Tandava (Dance of Shiva)
  • Kashmiri Tandava Massage
  • Vigyan Bhairava Tantra Meditations
  • Conscious Dance
  • Ritual Theatre
  • Forum Sharing 
  • Puja Ceremonies
  • Art of Adoration
  • Mahamudra
  • Medicine Dance
  • Circle of Mirrors
  • Chakra Breathing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Tantra Touch
  • Sensory Awakening
  • Basic De-Armouring
  • Conscious Touch
  • Forgiveness Ceremony
  • Energy Work - Sensitivity and Boundaries
  • Connect Physical Body to Higher Self
  • Orgasmic Mastery
  • Creative Sexual Energy (Harnessing it's power and potential)



level 2  

listening to your higher self. distilling your passion and purpose 

After spending some time on the tantric path through Level I or other practices, those who are called to come into clarity with their purpose will often be overwhelmed with desire and confusion. Desire to share their tantric gifts and confusion in just how this sharing is to look.

Once we have broken the chains of our personal history, patterning and freed ourselves from wounds and limiting beliefs in Level I, we are now beginning to tap into our subtle body. We are ready to receive clarity on our aligned purpose through direct transmission from our higher self. While the patterns and expectation are in place even our purpose is filtered through fear and desire. In level II we are ready to stop seeking and to listen.

This month is a facilitated deep learning of our true nature through the most subtle tantric arts:

  • Breath work and Meditations
  • Deep study and learning of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra - One of the Tantric Source Texts
  • Tandava of Movement - The Dance of Shiva and Non-Duality
  • Study of the Spanda of Kashmiri Shaivism
  • 20 Meditations on authentic living
  • Sensory awakening
  • Expanded exploration of the senses and their correlation to the power and ease
  • Darkness work
  • Vision Quest
  • Forum Sharing and witness
  • Advanced Energy work techniques
  • Subtle Body awakening
  • Learning from allies in nature
  • Creation of sacred tools
  • Enhancing the power of our energetic body
  • Sex Magic - How to use creative sexual energy to power open our heart and direct manifestation

level 3

advanced facilitation techniques for loving and clear guidance

In Level I we use the tantric arts to break the bonds of old patterns, limiting beliefs and wounds. From this place of freedom and spaciousness, in Level 2 we connect to our higher self for a clear and direct transmission of our aligned purpose.

In Level 3 we distill this purpose into a clear why and learn the building blocks of how to take effective action and share our unique expression of tantric gifts with the world. 

Leading a class, workshop or private session is more than just imparting knowledge. There is an artistry behind how and why we share which shows up in the subtle places, such as how we set the space, are our transitions seamless, is our language inviting the listener to their own experience or are we bringing them into ours.

This month is spent distilling our passion and purpose into clear and digestible forms, then learning how to most effectively structure your offering, be it a class, group meeting, workshop or session. 

We will study specific techniques, as well as break apart ceremonies and rituals so you can see how things fit together in ease and take notice of what is often unseen in the class of a master facilitator.

  • Distill your passion into a clear why
  • Mechanics of a class, session or workshop
  • Arc of energy which best supports the student in learning
  • Art of transitions and bridging elements to create a single cohesive event or workshop
  • Body language, what yours is saying and the student's is telling
  • Subtle power of language 
  • Practice classes with peer feedback
  • Marketing and Business tips
  • Deconstructing Rituals, Ceremonies and workshop elements
  • Sharing from your passion versus memorization