Testimonials from course participants and graduates. Below is also included some sharing, inspiration and insights from the Tribal Tantra staff and lead faculty.


monique darling and peter petersen

Monique and Peter are world renown Tantra and Embodiment teachers who share their experience of joining the Tribal Tantra Training as students and as a couple.

savannah blair

Savannah is a Psychology graduate who has taken the Level I 200 hour course twice, first in Thailand in 2016 and then a year later in Bali in 2017.  

Amanda Anatra

Amanda is a mother of two and a professional cuddler from Toronto, ON and living in New Haven, CT. She joined the 2017 training in Bali.

cathleene cienfuegos

Cathleene is a Tantra Teacher, Private session healing and energy worker, Movement and Dance facilitator and an artist from San Diego, California. 

School of Tribal Tantra Staff and Faculty 

eugene hedlund (Founder)

buster radvik (faculty)

Rachel Rickards (faculty)