We are honored to announce the Fourth Annual East Coast Tantra Festival is returning to CTT for 2020! The festival team spent some time considering all the valuable feedback we received directly and from the post-festival surveys, thank you for your help & reflections!

This past festival year enjoyed by far the highest ratings we have had at this festival! We also recognize specific areas where we could improve the experience, in particular these two:

  • Cold Weather - We are moving the festival to June - nearly a full month later start to support more physical comfort & enjoyment of the land…and ease of sleep so you can enjoy the festival itself!

  • Space to Connect - We will rent or buy a second workshop space (temporary structure as you see at many festivals), complete with sound system and flooring, so we no longer use the dining hall as a dual purpose space. The Love Lounge will move to the barefoot ballroom or this new structure and the dining hall we be used for…dining!… during the day & a space to relax & chill out in the breaks or evening as an alternative (and in addition to) the held Love Lounge space.

  • Comfort & Ease - Improved weather and warmth should create more comfort for both campers & those in the cabins at night. We will also add more cushions for the space & back jacks to sit in ease.

A few items which will have remain but with positive change -

  • We will have a more effective way of communicating the schedule so you can plan ahead, while allowing us to remain flexible to meet the needs of the festival. Perhaps a hybrid of some fixed and flex events. Final details will take some time, but we are keen to support a marriage of planning for ease & spontaneity for best service to the moment.

  • We have some new faces on the facilitation team each year & it comes together over a course of months, but I can assure you we are committed to sharing a most high quality experience and am happy to say that the most requested returns: Myself (thank you!), Cathleene & Robyn will be core to that team.

  • Festival wide ceremonies will be held only by core team members!

  • Same Catering team, but budgeted for dessert at dinner :)

One important thing staying the same is the core team holding the festival with Dore as festival manager & Cathleene leaving the setup & decorations. This past year we had a new team at a new space and much was happening last minute, including the weather reports!

In 2020 we will have had a solid year of preparations with systems in place from the start & a sense of how the space operates and how we can best be supported by it to support all of you!

Clearly the changes include additional cost, but I believe we will grow as word of this festival and community spreads and the changes of dates but not location will support us to make our participation goals, so we can not only provide these upgrades but do so in ease.

To that…Before we update the main festival website (www.eastcoasttantrafestival.com), we have created this temporary landing page to share this info & offer the 2019 participants a special early price for 2020. Our Super Early prices will go live on July 1. For now until the 1st you can purchase a ticket at 20% below the super early price…effectively 23% below, as we will not add the credit card surcharge either!

East Coast Tantra Festival 2020
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*Terms are the same - If you need to cancel, you can do so with a 50% refund up to 30 days before the event OR you can transfer to the following year at 75% of face value OR resell & transfer the ticket which is very easy when you have the lowest price possible outside of volunteering! (If you know you want to volunteer, you can fill out the form which is still live on the main website - www.eastcoasttantrafestival.com)

It is a joy in my life to birth these festivals and I am a commitment to their existence to support the growth of Tantra and the healing arts in the US!

See you in 2020 if not before!

Eugene & the EC Festival Team