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Awaken to Ecstasy Retreat

You are invited to a special gathering where we will co-create Heaven on Earth! Come to beautiful Ängsbacka this November and together when the nights are long we will use the tantric arts of breath, movement, touch, sound and presence to go deep inside and down into the depth of ourselves to reveal our own eternal light.

This is a once of a lifetime tantric experience! Awaken to ecstasy retreat at Ängsbacka is a place for living tantra, for exploring through embodiment, meditation, dance, singing and touch! The tantric path to ecstasy is when we put our teachings into practice and play. When we stop talking about life and love and start allowing life and love to teach us their nature.

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We will use Tantric practices and ceremonies to awaken our senses, then we will allow our senses to be the guide reminding us that we are alive and that we may learn through direct embodied experience more than could ever be absorbed by the mind.

Also, the amazing Fia Forsström will share a unique concert to bring love and light in to you heart!

Come learn from sensation, from pleasure, from love! Come remember who you are and reawaken to the ecstasy of life. It is a one week retreat where we will go trough work with boundaries and consent in order to find your true yes and your true no. This will create safety in the group and in you so that you can surrender deeply in to pleasure.

We will practise belly to belly and sensual touch so that you will be boosted of energy and relaxed in your nervous system. Then we will open the doors to the shadows, the judgements and the shame in order for us to give and receive real unconditional love, and in order to heal the core wounds of our childhood. Then we will work with ecstatic dance, shamanic ceremonies, tantric massage, tantric ceremonies, yoni and lingam healing and sacred sexuality to dive deeper into the ecstatic potential of each and every one of you.

You will have amazing vegetarian food, beautiful nature and evening saunas to support your well being and your journey into bliss. In this retreat you will discover what it is to be truly aligned with your will and your truth in meeting others and yourself. You never have to participate in the exercises that crosses your boundaries and you are free to choose who you will interact with and the level of interaction with the group participants. You can come alone or with a partner and if you come as a couple you can do all the intimate exercises together.


Early bird price until 31st August from 8500 Sek 

Regular price after 1 Sept 4 - 6 room: 9500 Sek

*You will pay course fee of 4720 SEK via the ticketing link, then you will book your room/board directly with Angsbacka (after paying the course fee you will be directed to a contact link). There are 3 pricing/room options available: 
6 nights in single room = 5850
6 nights in double room = 4650
6 nights in 4-6 bed = 3930

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Facilitator Bios:

Lin Holmquist: 


Lin is a yogateacher, yoga therapist and tantric tharapist and dakini devoted to love and to open the world to uncontitional love. Lins passion is meeting in trancperancy and autenticity and to connect to source in that meetingpoint.

Her contribution to this world is trough workshops, sessions and the organizing of various tantra events, like the bigest tantra festival in Sweden, Ängsbacka Tantrafestival and the ISTA Level one.

Eugene Hedlund: 


Eugene is founder of The School of Tribal Tantra and a Certified 5 Rhythms® teacher based in San Diego, CA. He leads workshops and trainings in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

He founded The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. Eugene's core passion is to use these tools and gifts in an integrated way which best serves each student. 

Eugene is also a sought after tantric counselor who has supported many individuals and couples in their quest to live a fully embodied and empowered life where love and expression are limitless.

Eugene has been traveling the world to share these transormational arts since 2008, inviting all who enter the space to open to the possibility of saying YES to life and then to step without hesitation, guilt, shame, fear or limiting beliefs into a full experience of that embodied YES!

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