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Integrated Spiritual Sexual Healing Arts Practitioner Training in Koh-Phangan, Thailand

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This program is a hands on Sacred Sexuality Facilitator and Practitioner Training and Initiation.

It is a training for those who are guided to help and heal the rift between sex and spirit and to help bring people, communities and the world back to wholeness, power and love.

It is an initiation into the deep tantric and shamanic soul work that creates lasting and permanent change and an awakened and integrated experience of life.

This course is designed for current and potential practitioners or those who simply wish to learn these arts for their personal life and power.

Are you:

**Longing to learn the sacred rituals, and deep spiritual content of Tantric healing arts?

**A practitioner who intuits that sexual healing is next appropriate step for your client and would like to incorporate touch and energy work into your sessions?

**A coach who would love to know how to invite your clients into deeper healing journeys with you?

**A sacred sexual healer/erotic arts practitioner longing to offer your clients a more comprehensive and holistic coaching experience?

**Wanting better/more tools for diagnosing and determining your clients needs?

**Longing to create broader more creative and interesting sessions that offer lasting change to your clients?

**Wanting to include more emotional intelligence, communication skills?

**Desiring to practice and offer your clients skills in Life mastery?

**ready to increase your client load, the quality of your clientele and your income?

If this sounds like you, then join us in Paradise for this Comprehensive Three week course.

Eugene Hedlund and Cathleene Cienfuegos are Tantric Practitioners who believe in addressing the whole being-ness of a person by helping them understand and integrate the true nature of their sexual self.  Universally we are helping humanity reclaim it's sacred sexual wholeness and the empowerment and life mastery that this type of healing brings. We are healing the split between Sex and Spirit.

In this training you will learn and be initiated into the arts, skills, rituals, practices and techniques that we have been developing for the past decade to bring our clients back to themselves, to power, to love and to life mastery.

In these 3 weeks together we will create a space of mutual trust and safety so that we may dive deep. We will all be invited to give and receive practices with each other ~~ So we may heal, grow and expand together as we learn. We will live and practice together every day and  immerse ourselves in these transformational healing arts. You are at choice at all times and are expected to be able to voice any feelings and hold clear any boundaries you have.


You will learn: 

*De-Armouring and Trauma Release (Internal and External)

*Awakening the Energetic Body for increased or renewed sensitivity

*Connecting Breath to Physical and Energetic Body to support increased and prolonged pleasure (length and intensity) without harsh physical techniques

*Yoni and Lingham massage for healing and pleasure

*Kashmiri Massage to reconnect the entire physical, emotional and energetic body with ease.  

*Understanding Sex Magic, Intention and Great Union Rituals

*Healing through Pleasure – Including the Science and Spirituality of why this works! 

*Fluent understanding of how the physical, emotional and energetic bodies interact

*Understanding of the trauma body and how to support healing that lasts without creating new wounds

*Explore our own blocks and residual guilt or shame in sexuality or body image, so as to hold clean non-egoic space for clients and lovers

*Space to practice and receive loving feedback and support

*Tips and tools for marketing yourself in your community as a healer

*How to incorporate these tools in your personal relationships and/or your professional life through session work

*Emotional & Energetic Intelligence

*Chakra Diagnostics

*Tantric View & Philosophy

*Shamanic Timeline and Soul Retrieval worl

*Erotic Anatomy/ Sexual Healing

*Pleasure/Shame/Trauma Dynamics

*How to create amazing sessions & flow

This is a training and practice intensive. The techniques we learn will be demonstrated and practiced. You will have opportunities to work with others in the group, as well as the facilitators and receive feedback with the intent of supporting you in personal mastery and growth. 

That, said we are a commitment to body sovereignty and creating a safe and spacious container, therefore: You will have the opportunity to practice with other participants during this course, which will be your choice as this and all of your choices you make around sexuality, body sovereignty and emotional expression are supported moment by moment. 

You are welcome to bring a partner (paid attendee) to work or find one in the space or change. There is no pressure to pre plan this and discovering how you move energy with others, where you open or close is a healthy part of the process and valuable learning before taking these arts into your personal or professional life, so we are in joy to support in this discovery as well. 

The space will be a closed container. We must require a commitment to attend the entire course, so we will all feel safe to dive deep and create this temporary community together.

Space is strictly limited to 24 participants and it will sell out. Only your completed booking and payment guarantees your space.

Sign up below…just scroll down! 

Details and FAQs:

What is the cost basis for this training?

Investment in Self: $4,499 (Special price $3,999 until September 1!)  

Tuition Price includes 2 healthy vegetarian meals per day and access to the gorgeous venue space including our private swimming pool, transport to and from the venue, plus all course materials and certification.. *We will have optional group dinners at some of the amazing restaurants on the island as well as other optional adventures from waterfalls to a hilltop sauna under the moon during our time on “tantra island”.

Payment options: Pay in full (at discounted rate) or over time with our monthly installments.

*If you need an alternative payment plan, reach out directly.

What are the accommodation options?

You may book a shared space at the venue. We have 12 available. These are $850 each for the full training. Alternatively, you may find your own accommodation. We will have a closed group where you may meet others to share space with. The island has a wide range from the most basic and very inexpensive huts with cold water and a fan to absolutely luxurious homes with private infinity pools as well as a range of hotel options, so you may choose based on your ease. We can help you connect with a local rental agent

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

We will help you with details on best flight options from your location and we will have a taxi pick you up from the ferry and bring you to the venue or wherever you are staying.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

What is the refund policy?

First payment (or $500 whichever is higher) deposit is non-refundable. Balance is refundable as follows: 100% through August 1, 2019. 75% through October 1. 50 % through December 1. No refund after December 1.

About the Facilitators: 


Eugene Hedlund, Founder of the School of Tribal Tantra has been teaching these transformational arts around the globe since 2008.

He founded The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. Eugene’s core passion is to use these tools and gifts in an integrated way which best serves each student.

Tribal Tantra a practice of movement meditation, shamanic ritual and tantric ceremony which is born from and returns to our heart center.

From this center there are four “ways” of Surrender, Connection, Wholeness and Seeing, which we explore to learn the subtle nature of how we may invite non-duality into our lives which facilitates spontaneous awakening to our true and authentic selves 

More info videos about Tribal Tantra and Eugene Hedlund here

“I am not here to offer anything new, but to help us remember something old, something true, something that has always been…that you are complete. You are enough. You are worthy of loving and being loved.”


Cathleene Cienfuegos is a Dakini, Tantra Teacher and Love Coach and creatively weaves ancient wisdom streams with contemporary technologies to offer unique sessions and classes to inspire and invite Conscious Evolution in the areas of Intimate Awakening, Self-Expression and Creative Relating. Cathleene brings deep spiritual lineages, as well as new age philosophies, cutting edge practices and much humor, compassion and knowledge. Her mission is to assist individuals and couples in being fully empowered, fully expressed, and feeling deeply connected to life.

Cathleene has been a featured teacher and author on and for her groundbreaking work in pleasure and healing with full body orgasm. She currently holds classes and private sessions in the San Diego area and is a Co-Organizer of the California Tantra Festival.


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